JAN 31

JUSTICE REPORT: About the Report: The report analysed expenditure, vacancies, representation of women, human resources, infrastructure, workload, diversity across 18 large and medium-sized states with a population of over 1 crore and 7 small states. Findings: Overall Ranking: The overall ranking is a result of a state’s ranking across the four pillars of justice delivery system – Judiciary, Police, […]

JAN 30

Why in News The government is planning to bring changes in the existing gold deposit and gold metal loan schemes to gradually stop investors from excessive investment in physical gold. Key Points Background: Despite the government’s emphasis on gold monetisation over the last few years, including issuing gold bonds as part of its borrowing programmes, investment in physical gold and purchases of jewellery continues to […]

Jan 29

China Incursion in Taiwan: The USA has reaffirmed its support for Taiwan following China’s warplanes entering Taiwan’s air defence identification zone. These overflights were part of a long-standing pattern of incursions by China aimed at pressuring the present democratically elected government of Taiwan to accept China’s demand to recognise Taiwan as a part of Chinese territory Conflict between China and Taiwan […]

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