Jharkhand bill: 75% quota for locals in private jobs Context: The Jharkhand Assembly recently passed a Bill, which provides 75% reservation for local people in the private sector up to ₹40,000 salary a month. Once notified, Jharkhand will become the third State in the country, after Andhra Pradesh and Haryana, to pass such law for […]

JAN 31

JUSTICE REPORT: About the Report: The report analysed expenditure, vacancies, representation of women, human resources, infrastructure, workload, diversity across 18 large and medium-sized states with a population of over 1 crore and 7 small states. Findings: Overall Ranking: The overall ranking is a result of a state’s ranking across the four pillars of justice delivery system – Judiciary, Police, […]

Jan 29

China Incursion in Taiwan: The USA has reaffirmed its support for Taiwan following China’s warplanes entering Taiwan’s air defence identification zone. These overflights were part of a long-standing pattern of incursions by China aimed at pressuring the present democratically elected government of Taiwan to accept China’s demand to recognise Taiwan as a part of Chinese territory Conflict between China and Taiwan […]

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